Jim Slide – New game for Atari XL/XE

It was published this week the first gameplay video of ‘Jim Slide’, a new game for the Atari XL/XE that is being developed and will be a contestant on the ABBUC 2015 (Atari Bit Byter User Club).

The game is an extension of a previous game called Slide, which is the runner-up of the NOMAM BASIC Ten-Liners 2015 Contest.

In the game, the protagonist must collect all the fruit baskets and reach the exit mark on each level. It is essential to plan our movements since Jim ‘Slide’ don’t stop until it reaches a all. If you don’t set your path properly he can end up locked out off the screen.

[youtube ilUHqMpTcwU nolink]

The game is developed by Ingo “1NG” Boller with Mark “Poison” Pesout making the music.

The game is planned to be released this Fall (Europe), and there is no playable demo available. However, there is a Facebook page where the fans can follow the development, and also entitled to win a copy of the special edition of the game.

Link: Facebook Page
Source: Atariteca

Author: Paulo Garcia

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