'Edge of Time' – New challenging game for the Commodore 64

Edge of Time is a new game, the first one released for the ‘Sideways SEUCK Game Creation Compo 2015’. It was developed by Alf Yngve, with music created by Richard Bayliss (TND) using SEUCK.

As the compo name suggest, the game is a side-scroller but with an interesting twist: you don’t control one hero, but two at the same time. The game display is split in half, showing at the bottom the hero in 2022 when the war had just started, and at the top him in 2050, still fighting!. Pretty neat!

Although you control both heroes at the same time, the action is different on both eras, and you have to manage to destroy the enemies and objectives as they show up in different moments.

The controls are very easy, but to keep track of both eras and manage to fire/dodge at the right time is really hard.

You can download the game following the link below, and don’t forget to give your vote for the compo! This is the first, but for sure a serious contestant

Download: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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