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amigaremixOver at Amiga Remix the following remixes have been added. Click on each title below to listen or right click ‘Save As’ to download. We recommend the three Jesus On E’s Remixes by edd_jedi/Echo of LSD.

Defender Of The Crown (title)
Agony – Loading Forest (TITAN Deep Blue Mix)
MegaLoMania title
Total Eclipse (Main Theme Remix)
Einstein 2d6 – Wings of Victory (Spacetrip Mix)
Lethal Xcess – Ruins of Methallycha
Hyperbased 2015
Kid Gloves [ Castle ] The Toe-tapper’s Up-Mix
Risky Woods – “El Pueblo” Cover Version
Super Twintris “Those 3” Tunes Up-Mix
Cream of the Earth (vs. Romeo Knight)
Harlequin – TVee Wonderland (ingame tune 5)
Physical Presence – Chiptune RMX
Jesus On E’s (Jedi On E’s Mix 1)
Jesus On E’s (Jedi On E’s Mix 2)
Jesus On E’s (Jedi On E’s Mix 3)
Test Drive II Remix
Deluxe Galaga v2.4
I7’s Purple Haze (Hei gonna 90s Mix)
Lotus III – Miami Ice (daXX Remix)
Mega-Lo-Mania Orchestra Medley
Hard ‘n’ Heavy (Amiga FM Fever)
Captain Planet Intro
Virocop: Funny Old Game


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