Aquanoids! New ZX Spectrum Underwater Platformer Coming Soon!

aquanoid-3.2-ukAfter more than a month in its development and subsequent testing, we have some fantastic exclusive News from Neil Parsons aka Program Bytes 48k (P.B.48K). A new homebrew ZX Spectrum game is due to be released on Sunday September the 6th called Aquanoids! Currently there is very little information about this game other than it looks to be an interesting underwater platformer with the character design looking somewhat like a minion from the movie Despicable Me. The game has been developed using theLa Churreraframework by the Mojon Twins. La Churrera consists of a modular engine programmed in C and a set of tools to make games for ZX Spectrum. We are very anxious to play the final release and report back more information. For now though, you can marvel at the gameplay in the video below, stay tuned!Aquanoids (ingame - 2º mocazo)Aquanoids-4

[youtube Xc7op-opXXs nolink]

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Download Beta: Aquanoids-3.2-MK2.rar

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