'Star Wars: Return of The Jedi' for the Amiga Review


To get hyped for the new Star Wars movie and game I recently decided to played  Star Wars: Return of The Jedi for the Amiga 500 and it was a really enjoyable experience. For a game for such an old system it was a really great game. The graphics were pretty good, you could tell what was what and models were recognizable. The music is the classic Star Wars song but, with a retro sound to it, which I found was a really nice version of the song.

jedi1    The gameplay itself was really simple. I was using a controller to play the game so I used the left thumbstick to move my ship left/right or up/down and I pressed X or right trigger to shoot. The game starts with a speeder chase in Endor and you have to avoid the enemy speeders and trees to make it to the end. The Ewoks are there to help you if you go through certain groups of trees that they are positioned around. After the speeder chase, you play as the Millennium Falcon in the Death Star. You have to take out the Tie-Fighters and avoid some pipes to get to the generator and blow it up. After blowing up the generator you have to escape the crippled Death Star. The last unique level is one where you are in an AT-ET and you have to make it to the Imperial bunker to blow it up. Along the way you have to avoid logs and rocks that are being thrown at you. Throughout the level you switch from the AT-ET to the Millennium Falcon and two X-Wings flying in space trying to make it to the Death Star.

cena-de-o-retorno-de-jedi-para-computadores-como-o-amiga-e-imb-pc-1430328674541_956x500    After beating those levels the game starts to get repetitive. You replay the same levels with a greater degree of difficult. The game overall was good, considering it really is an old game and it couldn’t have as many mechanics as there can be nowadays. I recommend this for those that have a way to play Amiga 500 games because it had everything a good game needs. The graphics were good, soundtrack was great and the gameplay was fantastic. I only wish there was a greater variety of levels.

“Augusto “Clizby” Garcia is 15 years old and sometimes is obliged to play retro games, but he enjoys it every time”

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