'Dr. Who' homebrew-ish game for the first time released for the NES

DrWho 1_zpsbiwlheraJoin the Doctor in his first big adventure on the NES! The Doctor must save a mysterious planet from the grips all sorts of creatures!

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There is no ROM available online so we can check the game. Anyone interested will have to put $50 to get the cartridge. The games itself is not exactly a new homebrew game but, according to RetroCollect, is a hack of the 1988 Nintendo Famicom release Cosmo Police Galivan.
Despite that, the trailer shows the usual Dr. Who adventures and his enemies, like the Daleks.
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[youtube acSOVX0b6ZM nolink]

If you like the idea, better hurry, before they get too much attention from BBC or their lawyers ;)

Buy the cart for £33.75 over at https://www.etsy.com
Website: http://pacnsacdave.weebly.com/doctor-who.html
News Source: RetroCollect

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