Z80-based Multitask Operating System 'SymbOS' 3.0 beta release

symbos3Yes, you read it right. Amstrad, MSX and Enterprise can get a modern multitask operating system and it actually works very well.

SymbOS is a graphical user interface (GUI) based multitasking operating system for Z80 based supported home computers. SymbOS provides true multitasking and a complete windows like GUI. It supports up to 1024KB Ram for data and code execution and includes a FAT12/16/32 implementation.

If that wasn’t enough, SymbOS 3.0 is now network enabled! (TCP/IP)

The version 3.0 beta has just been released, and it is ready for testing. It is recommended to remove any previous version and performing a clean install.

There are many important changes on the beta release, but probably one of the most important is a complete and detailed PDF manual for SymbOS which is documenting and answering most things you might need to know.

Download: Installation Package
User Guide: PDF Installation Manual
Source: MSX Resource Center

Author: Paulo Garcia

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