Classic ZX Spectrum 'Pentagram' ported for the C64


Finally after 30 years, Pentagram for the ZX Spectrum came to live on the C64, thanks to Rod and Emu game development group.

Pentagram, an isometric adventure game was released in 1986 for the ZX Spectrum and MSX by Ultimate Play The Game. 

The C64 release got a staggering 9.7 score on CSDb, which by itself is an amazing achievement. The current version is the 1.10 which fix a bug with the random generator that could, that under some circumstances, only generate 4 runes. To help the C64 enthusiasts that tried the version 1.0, the developer added to the ZIP file a VICE snapshot from just before the game ends, to prove the fix is working.

As an additional perk to the C64 developers, the game includes all the source code and instructions how to build it.

Link: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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