Version 1.2 of Fuse – ZX Spectrum Emulator has been released

f-nongtkFuse, a free and open source Speccy emulator for Windows, Linux and OSX, just got updated to version 1.2. Here is the announcement:

“After a long gestation, and on behalf of the Fuse team I’d like to announce that a new version of Fuse, the 1.2.0 release of Free Unix Spectrum Emulator has been released at the SourceForge project:

Highlights of this release include:

  • Emulation of the Currah µSource and Didaktik 80/40 interfaces.
  • Capture BASIC video functions to SVG file.
  • Allow continuing RZX recordings.
  • Support bash completion.
  • Really lots of bugfixes and miscellaneous improvements.

Many thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this release, and in particular thanks to Sergio Baldovi, Gergely Szasz and Stuart Brady for their contributions. Source code and binaries for Windows are currently available on the SourceForge site; compiled binaries for various other platforms should become available in the next few days.”

Author: Paulo Garcia

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