Trials and Tribulations – The Super Pitfall Review

Short-Round All Grown Up

Hello to my faithful readership! Clueless Gamer coming at you once again, today we’re continuing my review of a review (who does that?) of the 20 Worst NES Games  with a game I’ve never played before, Super Pitfall for the NES. When I was a little more Clueless and a lot younger, my Grandpappy Gamer had an Atari 2600 at his house, and one of my favorite games he had was Pitfall – so fast forward….30 something years….later and I get to review a sequel to this great Atari thrill. I was stoked!

A Picture Should Be Here
The Kick is Good!

Super Pitfall is a game in where you do a lot of that – just straight up falling into pits. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that you cannot see what you’re falling into. I fell into lava, onto a bat, on spikes (there’s the Punji Sticks that Platoon was missing), and on so many other great things that killed me. Pitfall Harry, who looks a lot like Mario in blue, does have a gun to shoot the creepy-crawly things, and of course can jump over enemies, and the controls are so unresponsive one can be self assured of multiple deaths, resets, and frustration. This game really gets the heart pumping, the controllers flying, and my reset button finger has never been stronger. I can skip the gym this week!

Dum Dum Bring Me Gum Gum

If you don’t believe me (which you shouldn’t anyways) if you let the game go past the title screen it does an auto-play of part of the game – the computer also dies quickly – so I must assume that this is the end goal. With as many suicide missions as Harry went on while under my steady tutelage, it’s safe to say that he was once a Kamikaze Pilot in a former life. The graphics were decent, and I fully expected Mario, er, Harry to have to rescue a Princess and talk to a small mushroom guy, but none of that happened, because I never got there.


Will I play this game again – well, no. Would I recommend this game to anyone? I would unless they had a heart condition.

Until NES Time!, Clueless Gamer

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