AmiGameJam 2016 – Amiga Game Development Competition


The retro games development team “Underground Arcade” has announced the AmiGameJam, a game development competition for the Amiga. This year theme is “TV Shows and Movies”, so the competitors will have to take inspiration from any TV show or movie to create their games. Although not mandatory, the organizers suggest that the developers pick something that was never used to create an Amiga game.

There is also another category called Festive/Christmas for those who don’t want to go the movie route.

As a general rule, the games have to be playable, even if it is one single level to be eligible. There are no restrictions on the tools used to create the game, from any programming language to game creation tools, like SEUCK. The contest page offers examples of games for both categories as well as a list of resources to develop games.

The deadline is December 31st, so if you didn’t start yet, better hurry!

Link: AmiGameJam



Author: Paulo Garcia

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