Yars’ Revenge, Atari 2600 Review by Rob Joy

“Revenge is best served cold”.

Or in this case, a Yar. A Yar? What on earth?!
Allow the elaboration of one of the most successful video games released on the Atari. Your character, a flying insectoid being known as a Yar, is set the task of destroying the Quotile entity, protected by a cellular shield which rotates around its presence.

This may sound complicated, however don’t be fooled. This is a masterpiece with simplicity and gameplay being the onus. Flying around the arena dodging seekers fired from the Quotile, there is little room for error and indeed safety. Depending on the plethora of game modes on offer, a pixelated protection trench is located straight down the middle of the theatre of combat which is a necessary defence for the Yar as once entered, no harm can come to the insectoid from the seeker which follows your path slowly but deadly in its movements.

Once evaded, your first priority is to eat or blast away at the organic barrier protecting the Quotile, being mindful of the ever present seeker.
Are we up to speed? Then lets proceed to the next tier of terror which awaits your progress.

Making physical contact with the Quotile…Oh wait, did we mention the other weapon in its arsenal? No? Well, lets not avoid the impending threat of the supersonic swirl missile which is hurled at you from the creature beneath its outer epidermis. Now we can continue onto the final part of the deadly encounter, unless of course the match is too difficult and one has perished, which lets be honest, is recurrent if skills haven’t been honed.

So, upon physical contact with the Quotile, your Zorlon cannon can be activated. Finding the right trajectory can be hard as the enemy is cunning, ascending and descending to dodge the onslaught from your calling.
If successful and the Quotile is hit through the membrane, the opponent explodes into oblivion, leading to the many others all with the same aim, your doom!

Sounds simple, well indeed it is, and thats why Yars’ Revenge was so successful. Gameplay, visuals and high octane action all led to the creation of a successful release for Atari back in 1982 which is still remembered as a classic to this day.

A masterpiece from the age of classics and which deserves another plug in of the cartridge.

[youtube L1I97nOlw0w nolink]

Review by Rob Joy.

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