Monty’s Honey Run, A New Monty Game by Andy Johns for the ZX Spectrum

Monty Mole is the title character from the series of video games from Gremlin Graphics. He was created by Peter Harrap. Monty is a miner by trade and sports a monocle throughout the series, up until Impossamole, which features a completely different rendition of the character. There are six games in the original Monty series.

Wanted: Monty Mole (1984)
Monty is Innocent (1985)
Monty on the Run (1985)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)
Moley Christmas (1987)
Impossamole (1990)

In 2013, a competition was held to design artwork for a new Monty Mole game, to be developed by Steel Minions Studio.

In July 2016 a hacked version of “Barnsley Badger” was released on CSDb, humorously titled, “Monty Goes Badgering” by an unknown source. Whoever made this hack, didn’t really do much other than swap the title graphics and main character sprite, the game itself is identical to Barnsley Badger.

[youtube 3mwoXZ2_6bs nolink]
Moving onto 2017, a new Homebrew version of Monty has been released called “Monty’s Honey Run”.

After his retirement Monty decided to buy a Honey Shop. Everything was going well until some nasty bees got annoyed by this and stole all the honey pots!

Monty now has the painstaking task of searching each room for the missing Honey Pots and collecting them all up again. Monty’s Honey Run is a beautiful game, it’s so close to the original games that you might sometimes forget your playing a Homebrew title. Graphics & Animations are spot on, this version even comes with the famous Speccy colour clash! Deliberate or accident? Who knows, but we like it! ;)

As well as Bees, there are other nasties that will hurt Monty if you come into contact with them, including bats, spiders, worms? and odd looking alien like creatures. In true Monty style, the classic traps that are featured in the original games are present too. Remember the crushers you had to time correctly or get flattened?, great stuff :) Gameplay is much like the other games, I would say maybe a little easy, (you start with a generous 6 lives) although I haven’t played that far into the game, so it may become more challenging in later rooms. Controls are the usual choice of Keyboard (QAOP, Space), Kempston and Sinclair. The only real gripe I would have about this game would be the lack of music, this isn’t a massive deal, but I always find some nice music set’s the atmosphere. Still a solid game and well worth checking out.

Andy released the final version of the game today, and the .tap file issue with Spectaculator has been fixed :) The .zip contains .z80, .sna, .szx and .tap formats and these will run happily on most ZX emulators and real hardware. The game was created using the AGD Engine by Jonathan Cauldwell, which is freely available to download over at

Andy tells us that a sequel is already in the works, something to look forward to in the future. For now though.. thank you Andy for an awesome game!

hiya.. yeah I am working on the sequel…early stages at the moment and i’m playing around with art styles…will have to test the waters with the groups as its a little different from normal monty games…

[youtube 52HykQznipM nolink]

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