Commodore 64 CSDb Scene Release Updates!

As you may of noticed we now try to cover the best Commodore 64 cracks from CSDb, however with all the many releases on CSDb, you may miss some. Below are all the releases from 14th January to date, click on the name of each one to view more information.

Asteroids Arcade GFX #001, Casino Wheel 64, Camel’s Back, C64 Maze Preview, cc1541 (arbitrary filename patch), The Legend of the Amazon Women +5DG, Super ACE 1942 [seuck], Main Ninja [seuck], Frodigi 8, Mazinger Z Sing-Along, SD2IEC Kernal 2.0, Walker +7FD, Memory (+Editor) +1TD, Weasel +3MTD, The Hunter [seuck], The 8bit ExCeSs, SpongeBog Demo, Zap Fight 2 – Special Edition [seuck], Reset #9.5, The Flame Still Burns, Logistic Map 128-80, Logistic Map 128-40, Logistic Map 64, StarDOS Fix, Interscroll XIII, Blood Jaw, Remember Me, Basic Battleships, Border Blast 3 [seuck], Fight Run Preview, VChar64 V0.2.3, Deejay, Fire Breath +4HD, Commie UFO Attack +2, Vaudeville Intro 2017 Remake, C64 Debugger V0.56, Pablo Toledo Tribute, Generous, Fire Breath +, Fire Breath +3D, Fire Breath +, Space Game Preview, Jesder Tribute.

Website: CSDb

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