Classic Tools Retrospective: John Romero talks about creating TEd, the tile editor that shipped over 30 games

Image from Gamasutra article

Gamasutra website has published an interview with John Romero about TEd, a tile editor that was used to build many games from the past (including Wolfstein,Commander Keen, etc). The article is the first of a series that will try to cover iconic game development tools.

In recent years, retrospectives of classic games have been well received at GDC, but there have been very few stories about classic game tools. This series of articles will attempt to fill that gap, by interviewing key people who were instrumental in the development of those classic game tools. (David Lightbown – Gamasutra Blogger)

John Romero is a successful game designer, programmer, and co-founder of id Software that created iconic games like Wolfstein 3D for the Apple II. Although still active in the video game industry, Romero is very often seen dabbling some retro gaming project.

Link: Gamasutra


Author: Paulo Garcia

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