Build your own Handheld Retro Gaming Device!

The March issue of MagPI magazine brings one of our favorite subjects: retro gaming! There were articles in the past talking about building a retro gaming machine using a Raspberry PI, thanks to the RetroPie project, but this time around the magazine brings detailed instructions about how to build a portable gaming machine for you retro needs on the go!

The little marvel uses the super new Raspberry PI Zero W, a size-reduced PI with wireless capabilities built-in, a 2.8″ screen (offered by Adafruit) and other tids and bits that are very familiar to the experienced tinkerer.

The project is probably not indicated to very beginners, but if you are brave enough, the instructions are excellent and very detailed, showing all pieces, how/where to acquire them, how to 3D print the case, software installation, etc.

The MagPI magazine is available for free as digital PDF, but it is also offered in print, which can be found in many bookstores or through their website.

Link: MagPI Issue 55

Author: Paulo Garcia

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