Rock ‘n Roll Commodore 64 Review by Robert Joy

“It’s only rock n roll, but I like it!”

Rolling in on the Commodore 64 from Rainbow arts was a clever little ditty by the name of Rock n Roll.

The clue is in the name. The game is an action-oriented puzzler with 32 levels for the player to enjoy. Taking control of a metallic sphere with the joystick, the task in hand is to reach the next level and work their way through the maze.

Along the way spanning across the myriad levels are numerous objects and items which either help or hinder your quest to find the illusive exit to the next stage, including locked doors requiring keys, ice patches causing chaos, fans, magnets which push and pull you, crumbling floor tiles to name but a few of the many hazards along the way.

The player has access to a map for each level, however the ghosting method is used here relinquishing only discovered areas, a good thing eyes are available for collection for those hidden items and areas within the stage.

Coins can be found, obtained and used to purchase items and supplies such baseball bats, bombs and tactical hints for clear direction, again the list contains multiple bits and pieces for you to embrace and call upon during gameplay.

As usual the sound chip of the Commodore is used to its potential with the tunes coming in the theme of Rock n Roll.

Are we keeping up? Are we beginning to see the link? Excellent because the game, although using a maze and key theme, may not be one of the most original dynamics, however the gameplay remains intact and fun, offering a challenge to the player and the need to complete or navigate their way through the many pitfalls and labyrinths on offer.

Patience is a key virtue as precise control is necessary for any sort of progress, one wrong turn and its literally down the hatch… or hole… or, you get the picture.

Rolling through pipes, secret passage ways, bonus levels, the requisites of every classic game are here and one which indeed is a lot of fun once the physics has been mastered.

A great well “rounded” game. See what we did there? Enjoy.

[youtube 5MWQ-dxfEdI nolink]
Review by: Rob Joy
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