Splatterhouse, 1988, Namco, Mini Arcade Review by Rob Joy

Survival horror. It certainly was.

Taking shelter from the storm, you and your partner find refuge in an abandoned mansion deep within the forest. Safety at last! Safety, lets just consider that feeling for a moment. Out of the elements, a warm fire and hospitable guests, safety. Then let us begin. A scream is heard in the dark from your terrified partner, the dark engulfs the air, nothing is seen or heard but the shrill screech of terror. Slowly, light returns. you are alone with vengeance on your mind. Where is she and what has happened? Donning a hockey mask (why not?!) you make your way through the mansion searching high and low, unaware of what lurks within.

This offering from Namco was the very definition of horror, and indeed left no stone unturned throwing a plethora of paranormal activity into the fray.

Using the dynamic of a scrolling beat em’ up, the engine is soon forgotten as the evil hordes are awakened. Meat cleavers, sticks and indeed shot guns, with many more weapons are thrown in to help in your quest against demons, deadly spawns and haunted rooms with poltergeist activity, all with deadly and frightening effect, with a few surprises thrown in.

Halls of mirrors, treacherous water filled caverns and deadly traps, the mix is endless and incorporated with sheer imaginative genius as the atmosphere leaves you in total awe of the creativity behind the game. Did I say game? No, this is something more than a simple left, right, strike and jump affair. This is evil personified onto a pixelated picture where you, the player, are in the middle of a nightmare of violence, gore and psychological terror.

This offering from Namco is an utter masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable back in the heady days of arcade entertainment. Deserving a place in the halls of golden arcade memories, this classic really does need to come out of the dark and played, no not played, “endured” time and time again.

Be warned. This content contains explicit material!
Review by Rob Joy.

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