ZX Spectrum Next £250,000 target reached in only 34 hours

I was expecting that the Next would be a hot topic over Kickstarter and it would be funded, but I didn’t expect that to happen so quick. The project is fully funded already, which means they will get the money from all backers via Kickstarter. Since there are still 28 days to go, there are plenty of time to go way beyond the target. And for you who happens to not back it yet, there is still time.

Expected to be shipped in early 2018, there are still months ahead until you get your hands on it, but the intended 9 months is actually a pretty tight schedule, demonstrating that the project is indeed in very advanced stages and the remaining time will be used almost to sort out the case, keyboard and the production itself. If you are happy with a board only, you can get it sooner, around August 2017.

One of the nicest things about this project is about its open source nature. With all the expectation and money involved, it would be more than natural for the Next team to keep all to themselves and profit fro it in the long run, but after the Spectrum Next is shipped, all material used to make the project will be open source, which means other people would be able to build their own from scratch, improve the original project or even start a healthy wave of “competitors”. Well done!

Link: Spectrum Next

Author: Paulo Garcia

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