SEUCK Compo 2018, 4th Entrant, Electric Warrior

The 2018 Shoot’Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) competition is currently underway, organised by The New Dimension (headed by Richard Bayliss) who are known for producing a library of freeware games for the Commodore 64.

The current iteration of the SEUCK competition has been running for a couple of months now with three entrants (The Last Hugger, Atom Heart & Valkyrie 3) received during March with the fourth entrant, Electric Warrior, being submitted by Mo Dernart/playOrbit over the weekend.

The colour scheme and jerky scrolling do not provide a good first impression but game-play is solid

The synopsis for Electronic Warrior is:

“The chosen child of NRAR, trained in the cosmic future art of ‘rabbitfighting’ (aka ghosting) teleports to Earth, year 9634, to recover an ancient and holy relic, lost years past after the cataclysmic shattering of its homeworld — scattering its souls and sacred treasures throughout the interstellar universe.

The scene of planetfall – a dangerous and frighteningly dystopic future where madness and technology have joined in an electric world ruled by
the mysterious Doktor Gigglesmith.

This child is you and your destiny is to become… the ELECTRIC WARRIOR.”

You’ve been warned, you rapscallion!

Setting aside the game’s graphic colour scheme and jerky scrolling, Electronic Warrior has solid game-play that is somewhat challenging and, along with its fitting cosmic sound effects, should hold your attention longer than other games developed using the SEUCK platform.

We’ll be looking forward to spending some more time with Electronic Warrior in the upcoming weeks, but our initial thoughts are that Mo’s first entry into this year’s competition, Atom Heart which suffers from a similar colour scheme but features smoother scrolling, is the stronger title. In the meantime, download the game and let us know your thoughts.

ViTNO will be providing a round-up of all games after the competition submission date closes on June 30.

Electric Warrior provides a good challenge compared to other SEUCK games

Digital Download: Electronic Warrior

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