The 128RM (the 128 remastered) Coming Soon!

The 128RM is a new Commodore 128 board that will fit inside the Commodore 64C housing.
Very little is known about the board, with only a few prototype pictures shown on the German forum, Forum64. The creator (TheDuckSun) explains there are some modifications like: SD2IEC, VIC/VDC output switcher, Control Port switcher, 8bit colour ram, as well as 6-36VDC input voltage, Dual SID, etc. Why someone would choose to create a new C128 board left me a little confused, with very little software created for the Commodore 128 back in the day. We hope a C64 mode will be included, although it hasn’t been confirmed. One thing that remains unclear at this stage is whether the product will actually fit inside an original C128 case housing, as this could make the 128RM a seriously attractive prospect for C128 owners looking to replace their failing boards. Check out the pictures below, and follow the thread (German) over at Forum64.
Forum Thread: Forum64

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