New Russian Speccy Platformer Lost in Worlds Released!

Lost in Worlds is a new cutesy Russian platformer by Nihirash. The first (and hopefully not the last) game by coder Alexander Sharikhin, Lost in Worlds was created using the Platform Game Designer engine, which was released in 2005 by Jonathan Cauldwell, also the creator of AGD, currently the most used game creation engine for the ZX Spectrum.

In Lost in Worlds you take the role of a cute little penguin, whose mission is to collect all the objects on each level and move onto the next. Sounds simple enough right? The game is incredibly difficult, after many attempts, I couldn’t even get off the first level! Maybe I just don’t have the patience I possessed back in the day, but this game really frustrated me. Poor collision doesn’t help the matter and I soon found myself loading up a different game that was playable. Graphically the game looks really nice, and I was really looking forward to playing it. It’s a real shame as this could of been a really good game if the difficulty was dropped down a few notches.Anyway, if you want to try the game for yourselves, you can download it for free from the Vitno Homebrew Database. If you get off level 1 please let me know how you did it! ;-)

Download: Lost in Worlds

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