MW ULTRA, New Commodore 64 by Covert Bitops in Development

Lasse over on Lemon64 Forums recently announced a new wip title for the Commodore 64. The game is called MW Ultra and is a reboot of Metal Warrior. There are four games in the Metal Warrior series, all of them a “semi-cinematic” style, with a blend of shooting, melee combat & stealth gameplay.

A few words from Lasse..

Plans for some kind of a rework were on the backburner for quite a long time, with the possibility to use a more powerful platform (some may remember the GBA experiments I posted over 10 years ago) – but in the end it turns out C64 still has too much potential to explore, so it stays on the C64.

Since reboots can be considered controversial, I did have some doubts .. but the idea refused to go away. Last summer, during Steel Ranger’s development, I got a particularly good idea on how I’d like to expand the originals story, so here we are.

Covert Bitops are the guys responsible for Hessian (Psytronik) on the C64, another ground-breaking game containing 700 screens of super-smooth scrolling, atmospheric soundtracks, multiple weapons choice plus an assortment of enemies both human and robotic!


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