Flashback 25th Anniversary now available for Nintendo Switch!

Classic 90’s platform-adventure game Flashback has been released for the Nintendo Switch in a new 25th Anniversay edition.

Famous for it’s breathtaking rotoscoped animation and gorgeous visuals, the game launched on the majority of 16-bit consoles and systems of the day, with special mentions going to the Mega Drive and Amiga releases. More importantly, this release remains true to it’s 2D roots, unlike the 3D version that appeared on Xbox 360 a few years ago.

Published by Microids and remastered by the original designer, Paul Cuisset, the 25th Anniversary puts players in the shoes of occasional amnesiac, Conrad B. Hart, as he attempts to subvert a covert alien invasion of Earth.

Based on what we’ve seen in footage of the retail release appearing online, the 25th Anniversary appears to use artwork and assets from the SNES/Jaguar version of the game, although there’s a variety of post-processing effects and additional filters that can be enabled via the game’s user interface.

Although we can’t be entirely certain, the audio effects and music do seem to be exclusive to this particular remake, and certainly sound cleaner and crisper and cleaner than previous versions.

Perhaps the biggest improvement evident is just how smoothly the game’s vector-based cuts-scenes run, no longer slowing to a crawl when playing on-screen.

With the collectors edition costing in the region of £34.99, this  isn’t exactly cheap. However, the game remains an enduring classic, and the 25th anniversary pack includes a remastered soundtrack, collectable metal card, and retro-style instruction booklet.

New gameplay features include:

  • Rewind facility
  • Revamped save game system
  • Update graphics/filter effects
  • Updated audio effects and music

The purists among you might baulk at the inclusion of all these additional safety features, so you’ll be pleased to know that the original game has been included in the release.

For the Switch owners of you out there looking to revisit one of the true classics of the early 90’s, this might be worth a look.

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