How to Play Retro Games On The Amazon Fire Stick

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There are probably 12,982 ways to play retro games using old and modern machines (and counting), but it is always newsworthy to find yet another one.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a device that is meant to let you stream video directly to your TV, but thanks to RetroArch, you can turn it into a retro-game console, allowing you play your favourite old game on your big screen TV.

The YouTube channel ETA PRIME has published a video tutorial showing how to use the Amazon streaming device as a game console. Since the Fire Stick is an Android-based device, it is not a matter of black magic to make it run an emulator, but the video does a good job making it very easy to understand and follow.

I don’t think the Fire Stick is a cost-effective option if you don’t have one already, but if you do have and also a compatible Bluetooth controller, you might have the best retro console without even knowing it yet.

Author: Paulo Garcia

5 thoughts on “How to Play Retro Games On The Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Hey, great info here! Do you think that is possible to play double player for the games that support it, maybe with two Matricom controllers?

    1. I haven’t had a chance to try two controllers but I would assume it is possible. If I get a hold on another BT controller, I shall try that. Thanks!

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