Magic Knight Rayearth on Game Gear receives English translation patch

The ROM hacking community is often a source of interesting news in the homebrew gaming scene, so we were intrigued to learn of an English translation patch recently made available for Magic Knight Rayearth, a JRPG released in 1994 for the Sega Game Gear. The game debuted in Japan (including a red, branded edition of the console), and with no English language option available, it went largely unknown in Western markets.

That’s about to change, however, thanks to the endeavours of forum members, Supper and Filler, who have translated the game’s script into English, and published a ROM patch that replaces the game’s native Japanese dialogue and UI menus.

With it’s vibrant colour palette and high-quality artwork, Magic Knight Rayearth has plenty of visual appeal, so the English translation may just prove to be the key to discovering a hidden gem for Sega’s much-loved handheld.

It should be noted that the download contains only the patch required to make the necessary language translation – it does not contain the actual game. You’ll need to apply the update to your original cartridge ROM using appropriate tools for the update to take effect.

Supper has also made the source code for the translation available on GitHub for anyone who may be interested.



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