ZX Spectrum Next boards in the assembly line!

Henrique Olifiers has announced on the ZX Spectrum Next Kickstarter page that all the 2B boards will be in production starting next week!

The 2B is the final version of the board, which receive some changes and adjustments from users feedback that are using the 2A.

In the short update, Henrique also gave updates about the keyboard and the case. On the keyboard side, the next step will be injecting the keys to assemble the final version fully.

The case is also on final stages. To allow users to safely open and close the case without jeopardizing the case integrity over the years, changes were made which requires small updates in the mould itself, which is being finished in the following days.

Henrique promises a new update next week showing images of the boards being produced! Stay tuned!

Author: Paulo Garcia

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