The Centre for Computing History set to launch trump cards second edition!

If you’re looking to settle those playground and school-yard arguments as to which gaming console system was ‘best’, then The Centre of Computing History has just the thing to settle the debate once and for all!

The Cambridge-based museum is set to release the second edition of it’s hugely popular trump cards, this time focusing on classic video-game consoles and hand-helds!

The deck contains cards featuring 40 different console systems, replete with a host of statistics that include hardware specs, year of release, total sales, and most importantly, it’s own ‘Cool Factor’ rating.

The deck is set to cost £10, available for pre-order directly from the museum’s website. The cards come packaged in a wonderfully retro-styled cassette box, complete with inlay and instructions for play.

Packs of the first edition – retro computers – are still available for purchase from the museum’s website, also costing £10.

Proceeds from sales go towards supporting the Computing Museum.

Author: Alec
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