Development of Atari game Culmins resumes

Following a hiatus of over 20 years, Guillermo “Willysoft” Fuenzalida has resumed his work on Culmins, a puzzle game for classic Atari 8-bit computers.

Originally a collaboration with Rodrigo Cabrera (music) and Nestor Mercado (graphics), Fuenzalida has picked up the reigns, hoping to finally complete the project.

Talking with Atariteca, he recalls that he first began work on the game around 1994, programming in Mac/65 assembler under SpartaDOS; having returned to the code so many years later, it’s not surprising to hear that he was a little rusty!

The objective of the game is to help each of the Culmins – strange, conical-shaped little fellows – reach their homes, guiding them around a grid of 13 x 10 tiles.

Confounding matters is the fact that the ground on which they stand is like sheet ice, causing the Culmins to slide uncontrollably. 

The player selects a Culmin using the joystick, then propels it in the desired direction with a little shove. This will cause them to slide along the ground until they come into contact with a wall, obstacle, or a fellow Culmin. Since each level is likely to have a single solution, the player has to think very carefully about how to proceed – not easy when you’ll also be under the threat of strict time limit!

Fuenzalida has concentrated his efforts on tweaking various timings to ensure the game will run at the correct speed on PAL and NTSC machines, and he’s also considering implementing a password system that allows players to resume progress from certain points within the game.

With up to 100 levels expected in the final release, plus some excellent POKEY-powered music, we look forward to seeing the fruits of Willysoft’s labours!

Source: Atariteca

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