3D Realms reveals new Quake 1-powered FPS

3D Realms has revealed the merest of glimpses of a new first-person game it’s been working on.

Bearing the intriguing moniker of “Codename Mourningvale”, the short clip – shown below – evokes memories of the original Prey, featuring inter-dimensional portals, not to mention the low-poly hand and oversized wrist-blade.

Whilst this is all that has been revealed thus far, what is certain to raise eyebrows is the developer’s decision to eschew modern game engines (Unity or Unreal 4), instead deciding to go full-on retro by breaking out the original Quake engine!

Otherwise known as id Tech 2, the engine was developed principally by John Carmack of id Software to power the original Quake, and would end up powering some of the highest profile games – and mods – of the mid 90s.

Now it seems that 3D Realms has decided to blow the dust off the comparatively ancient tech to power it’s new game, and the decision appears to be generating interest and curiosity among the online community.

As to whether the game will be any fun is anyone’s guess at this point, but we look forward to seeing what the developers and Quake 1 engine can bring to the table!

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