R-Type Dimensions EX now available on PC & Nintendo Switch

Fans of Irem’s arcade shoot ’em ups looking to test their mettle against the bio-mechanical monstrosities of the Bydo empire will be pleased to know that R-Type Dimensions EX has been released for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Tozai Games, what you get for your money are remastered editions of Irem’s R-Type and R-Type II arcade games, all spruced up with HD graphics in 3D. However, if the pastel shades and smooth, clean lines of the revamped artwork aren’t to your tastes, it’s possible to revert to the old-school, pixelated visuals of the original releases.

Perhaps less divisive will be the remixed soundtracks, bringing the original arcade music up to date with modern synths, sound effects and explosions.

Well-known for their challenging difficulty, the remasters include new gameplay features and additional modes in an attempt to make the game more accessible. This includes an ‘infinite’ mode that bestows upon players an unlimited supply of lives, allowing them to experience the entire game whilst attempting to better their ranking on the online leader board.

R-Type Dimensions EX is available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop for £13.49 (currently discounted to £10.79).

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2 thoughts on “R-Type Dimensions EX now available on PC & Nintendo Switch

  1. Is a physical release planned for the Switch? I, like many retro collectors, refuse to support digital downloads.


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