RGCD Amiga Showcase – Tiger Claw & Power Glove

RGCD Publishing has extended its support for the new generation of games for vintage computer systems with its recent launch of Tiger Claw and Power Glove Reloaded for the Commodore Amiga.

RGCD excitedly announced, late in 2018, that they once again have collaborated with developer Lazycow to release ports of Tiger Claw and Power Glove (originally for the Commodore 64) featuring enhanced graphics, sound and game play. Further, RGCD also announced the immediate availability of physical editions of both games for Amiga enthusiasts to collect.

The physical editions of Tiger Claw and Power Glove Reloaded are very well presented in a plastic clam shell box that feels great in the hand and looks even better on your game’s collection shelf. The outer sleeve features professional grade artwork on the front and the spine with the game’s summary and screenshots presented on the back

Looking at the contents of the physical editions, both titles include

  • A copy of the game on diskette;
  • A couple of postcards;
  • Two small badges
  • Some vinyl stickers
  • A professionally printed A6 manual;
  • A3 size mat finish poster of the game with the game map on the reverse side; and
  • An auto booting jewel cased CD that not only contains a copy of the Amiga game but also includes the C64, Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions. The CD also contains copies of the game music soundtrack in MP3 format and the game maps.
The RGCD Tiger Claw Physical Edition
The RGCD Power Glove Reloaded Physical Edition

Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw offers 24 single screens of martial arts platform fighting action that will no doubt remind you of the classic Bruce Lee game for the 8-bit systems.

The basic premise of the game is that you need to go around punching and kicking a whole bunch of bad guys so that you can retrieve four mystic scrolls that will stop three lords of evil from obtaining their full power and unleashing their hatred upon the world.

Compared to the C64 version, we can see that Tiger Claw for the Amiga features updated character graphics and enhanced background art (for example the waterfall is animated on the Amiga version). The character sprites remain small with animation being somewhat restricted. The relative small size of the game character can make it somewhat tricky to nail an attack on the enemy

The Bruce Lee inspired Tiger Claw for the Amiga

Overall, the characters do move around the screen quite fluidly and at a slick pace making jumping and movement controls quite responsive. This will come in handy as you learn that most enemies re-spawn after being eliminated and you quickly learn that they are better off being avoided rather than engaging with them and risk losing one of your lives

The backing soundtrack has also been updated and the tracks all sound great. Other enhancements include the ability engage in some multiplayer action and you are also given the choice to play the game in a C64 skin mode.

Tiger Claw for the Amiga is good port of the game. It does provide a bit of fun play but is challenging at the same time. The game features power-ups that you will need to collect in order  to progress through the game and it is this level design that keeps you playing through to the end.

Power Glove Reloaded

Power Glove Reloaded does feel like a proper upgrade over the C64 original. The visual enhancements are far more apparent as the graphics are more colourful and quite well defined, and feature smooth character animations and parallax scrolling

The backstory to Power Glove is that an explosion in the Northern polar thermal reactor, which supplies half the world’s energy needs, has destroyed all primary and secondary energy connections. So its up to you guide your way through the polar thermal reactor complex, navigate the complex network of transport tubes, locate six control diamonds that will engage the station’s back up system and blast away every rogue robot that stands in your path.

Power Glove Reloaded for the Amiga

The game world is quite large and should provide many hours of game time. The actual game action itself is set out in a way that you can control the pacing of your progress, allowing you to take in the enemy behaviour ahead of time before making your move. The Amiga version’s expanded game world, covering six different sections and includes Boss battles.

Controls are responsive, though you will need to take note that game uses inertia physics when landing after jumps so you need to factor in momentum when jumping from one platform to another

Sonically, Power Glove is very strong with techno type soundtrack pumping in the background pushing you along the way and the inclusion of some digitised speech fits in well with the overall theme.

Power Glove Reloaded is a strong title for the Amiga that provides challenging game play which requires you to memorise the layout of all the screens in order to progress your way through.

It is important to note that the system requirements for both games is an Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM (or better) with the games being bootable from floppy disk and CD. The games are also Hard Disk installable on systems with more than 1MB RAM.

At only 15 British pounds each, the physical editions of Tiger Claw and Power Glove Reloaded offer great value and worth additions to your retro gaming collection. Head on over to the RGCD web shop to place your order.

If your budget is a little tight then you can obtain the digital download editions from RGCD’s Itch.Io page.

To find out more about the RGCG release of Tiger Claw and Power Glover Reloaded for the Commodore Amiga, check out the video link below

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