What we get if we add these 3 words? Amiga, Music & Racing Games!

I want you to close your eyes and think of 3 words, Amiga, Music & Racing games. Sounds sweet isn’t? That’s what I thought too. I wanted to do this music compilation album for some time now but life was always in the middle. Finally I found the time and I am presenting you the “Amiga Mixed Music Compilation – Racing Edition”!

As you very well understood this is a non stop mixed album, with soundtracks from some of the most iconic racing games that defined the Commodore Amiga, as a very capable home computer with amazing graphics and sound capabilities.

Below is the track playlist with 25 + 1 music soundtracks, the bonus track although it is not from a racing game on its own, it is based on a racing theme hence it made it to this compilation.


Amiga Mixed Music Compilation – Racing Edition Playlist

1/ Formula 1 Grand Prix

2/ Hard Drivin

3/ Hard Drivin II

4/ Road Rash

5/ Race Drivin

6/ Skidmarks

7/ Skidmarks 2

8/ Super Cars

9/ Harley Davidson The Road to Sturgis

10/ Lotus Turbo Esprit

11/ Nitro

12/ Nigel Mansell’s World Championship

13/ Out Run Europa

14/ Out Run – Passing Breeze

15/ Toyota Celica GT

16/ Lotus III The Ultimate Challenge

17/ Super Cars II

18/ Top Gear 2

19/ Lotus Turbo Challenge II

20/ Jaguar XJ220

21/ Miami Chase

22/ F1 World Championship Edition

23/ No Second Price

24/ Crazy Cars III

25/ Lamborghini American Challenge

Bonus Track

26/ Pinball Fantasies – Speed Devils



You can download the 320kbps Mp3 from here

Volume up and travel back in time! Enjoy ;)

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