Psytronik announce Metal Warrior Quadrilogy for C64

Psytronik Software have made a huge announcement over the weekend confirming that they will be releasing the Metal Warrior Quadrilogoy Collector’s Edition box set, consisting of four complete C64 games from the creator of Hessian and Steel Ranger.

The Metal Warrior series was developed by Covert Bitops, with the first being released on the C64 20 years ago. which sees it set out in a future where the world is a violent place and an aspiring e-guitarist is trying to solve the murder of a friend only to uncover something far darker and dangerous.

The Metal Warrior games are basically 2D run’n’gun style arcade adventure titles featuring cut scenes, boss battles, character interaction and end game sequences. The Quadrilogy collection is the first time that all four games will be bundled to together as deluxe box set and is sure to be a hot collector’s item.

As per usual practice, Psytronik have not yet revealed when the boxed set will be available to order or how much it will cost, so we will all have to keep our eye out on the Metal Warrior game page on Psytronik for further developments.

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