Uchūsen Gamma, a new “shoot’em up” coming to the MSX

Uchūsen Gamma is a vertical shoot’em to be released on November 29th, 2019. It has been developed by Juan J. Martinez (code, graphics and sound), known from previous releases for other 8-bit systems such as The Dawn of Kernel (Amstrad CPC), Rescuing Orc (Commodore 64) or Magica (Amstrad CPC), and the most recent Night Knight single-screen platformer for the MSX.

The game offers classic shoot’em up action with a twist: the power-ups only appear when 9 enemies are destroyed in a row (a “full chain”). The longer the chain, the more points will be obtained per destroyed enemy. There’s a risk/reward component because you may need to wait to kill the enemy ships until there are enough of them on-screen to complete a full chain.

\Some features:

  • Single-player, classic shoot’em up action
  • Smooth vertical scroll
  • 5 stages with different types of enemies and final boss
  • Control by keyboard or joystick
  • PAL and NTSC compatible
  • Requires MSX computer with 16K of RAM

The game will be available as a free download from usebox.net and there will be a physical edition in cartridge by Repro Factory (pre-order will open early December).

For more information, follow the links below.

Uchūsen Gamma: https://www.usebox.net/jjm/uchusen-gamma/
Repro Factory: http://www.repro-factory.com

Author: Paulo Garcia

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