Clube MSX has two new cartridge releases for the MSX!

Clube MSX is starting this Monday (07/03) the pre-sale of My Sacred Place and The 4 Masters of Melody Ex in cartridge for MSX. Each game comes with a box, manual and gifts and can now be purchased in the Clube MSX virtual store for R$ 179.00 (promotional price for each game) plus shipping costs (international orders must be made by emailing contato@clubemsx. com. br). The start of shipments to buyers in the pre-sale period is scheduled for 07/31.

The 4 Masters of Melody

The 4 Masters of Melody is a puzzle game for MSX released by Clube MSX magazine in 2018. The classic Simon inspired the game with a medieval/fantastic look. It was Clube MSX’s first game. The classic sprite of the Masters became a symbol of the group, appearing in other products and productions. About five years later, Clube MSX released the “Excellent” version of the game.

The 4 Masters of Melody Ex features improved graphics, color palette optimized for MSX2 or higher (and switchable during gameplay), title music, four background music options, joystick support, hero animation during gameplay, ending story with animation, cutscene and the resource “Where was it that I went wrong?”, which shows, in case of game over, which was the correct color to be chosen. The cover art was done by artist Andres Ramos.

My Sacred Place

From time to time, hordes of Garks, garden-devouring demons, appear to terrorize the villages. And there are only two items capable of defeating these devastating creatures: ginger and silver dagger. The target this time is the village where you live, your holy place. In the village reside three powerful figures: the witch Aris, who forges the silver daggers and provides ginger seedlings, the sage Isao, who gives you valuable tips, and Yu Tao (you), a fearless kung-fu fighter who is determined to defeat the Gark hordes and protect the garden.

My Sacred Place is an action and strategy game for MSX in which you (the kung-fu fighter Yu Tao) must protect your village’s garden from the clutches of the fearsome Garks, garden-devouring demons. Generally speaking, you should arm yourself with as many silver daggers as possible and create protective barriers using ginger seedlings. All of this needs to be done before the day ends and the Gark horde arrives at dusk.

Silver daggers and ginger seedlings can be purchased from Aris, the witch’s shop. Each ginger seedling costs 3 Tyzin coins, and each silver dagger costs 5 Tyzin coins. If you need more coins, you can go to your dojo to train. Blocking eight fireballs in one move earns you Tyzin Coins. Also, you can ask wise Isao for advice. In some cases, he may be able to provide you with some money.

The game has joystick support and color palette optimized for MSX2 or higher. The cover art was also made by the artist Andres Ramos.

Link: Loja – Revista Clube MSX (International orders should use the email provided above)

Author: Paulo Garcia

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