Clemens IIGS Emulator Updated

The Clemens IIGS Emulator has been updated. Some of the new features in this release of the Clemens IIGS emulator include:

Maximized / non-debugger screen view mode added

macOS Catalina support

Dual hard drive emulation on Slot 7

New Debugger Screen (WIP)

Gamepad support

Fast emulation mode

Mouse tracking on the host desktop under GS/OS

All Self-Diagnostic tests pass

According to the release note by Samir Sinha:

While you’re waiting for Crossrunner (or if you’re just curious about yet another IIgs emulator) I’ve posted a new release of my own project Clemens IIgs v0.6.  There have been many fixes and improvements since 0.5 way back in January 2023.

Given the multitude of options for IIgs emulation out there, another one may or may not have much value.  All major known issues that may answer whether this is interesting to you are documented in the release notes.  But if you’re feeling generous, feedback and ideas are appreciated!

Posted note in Apple II Infinitum Slack Project Release Channel

The latest version and further information about the Clemens IIGS Emulator can be downloaded from the Github page at:

Author: Bill Martens
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) president,, owner and curator of and Retro enthusiast and programmer since 1976, co-creator of the first implementation of instant messaging and group chat (1982).