Ample MAME Interface Updated

The Ample MAME Interface has been updated. Managed by Kelvin Sherlock, the latest release of Ample, version 0.258 brings the Apple centric graphical frontend for MAME in line with the current release of the MAME Emulator. Included in this update are the following:

MacOS 10.13+ is now required.

Mac quadra machines may crash on startup. If so, disable bgfx or switch to the OpenGL backend.

Includes MAME 0.258.

Reorganized the Macintosh hierarchy.

Includes experimental Uthernet II / WIZnet W5100 emulation. Marinetti, IP65, and A2osX have been tested and should work. (This should make its way into MAME someday.)

You can download the latest version of Ample from the Github website at:

Author: Bill Martens
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) president,, owner and curator of and Retro enthusiast and programmer since 1976, co-creator of the first implementation of instant messaging and group chat (1982).