Announcing Bobbin v0.4, an Apple Emulator.

Why Yet Another Emulator? What does Bobbin do that Nintendon’t?


– Runs entirely in your terminal, using either standard input/output, or a curses screen display
– Can be used in shell scripts to accept typed text from standard input, and emit program output to standard output
– Can watch a program binary file for changes, and reload itself with the new program binary when it does, greatly accelerating development cycles for software on the 8-bit Apple

Get it at

Bobbin is distributed in source form only; you must be comfortable building software via ./configure && make && make install. I will not make myself available to help you build and install (unless it’s due to a bug). You also really want to have ncurses installed, unless you only want to use the standard input/output interface (no screen representation).

Bobbin is written in C for modern, standards-conformant Unix OSes. It is tested on MacOS Ventura, and on Ubuntu Linux running under Windows WSL.

Author: Bill Martens
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) president,, owner and curator of and Retro enthusiast and programmer since 1976, co-creator of the first implementation of instant messaging and group chat (1982).