SenseiPlay 2.0: Elevating Your Apple IIgs Music Experience

SenseiPlay 2.0 is now available, bringing a host of new features and enhancements to your Apple IIgs music experience. Developed by Dagen Brock, SenseiPlay is a lightweight NTP (NinjaTrackerPlus) “Module” player that’s perfect for those looking to enjoy their favorite tunes on the Apple IIgs.

What’s New in SenseiPlay 2.0?

The latest version of SenseiPlay introduces several exciting features and improvements:

Jukebox-Style Playback: With SenseiPlay, you can now play an entire directory full of music files as if it were a jukebox. Simply hit “Return” to play a song or use “OpenApple-P” to queue up multiple songs in jukebox style.

ProDOS Path Display: SenseiPlay now shows you the current ProDOS path, making it easier to navigate and locate your music files.

Quick Access to Online Volumes: Press the “Tab” key, and you’ll be instantly transported to online volumes, streamlining your music selection process.

Looping Options: Enjoy your music the way you want with support for loop and no loop modes.

Graphics Player (GR): Toggle the Graphics Player (GR) to enhance your visual experience while listening to your favorite tunes.

Performance Boost: SenseiPlay 2.0 boasts faster startup times, quicker text routines, and numerous bug fixes for a smoother user experience.

Enhanced User Interface: The user interface has been refined for improved usability.

Blinking Ninja: As a playful touch, the ninja character within SenseiPlay will now blink occasionally, adding a touch of personality to your music sessions.

Source Code Release: Perhaps the most exciting news for developers and enthusiasts is that the source code for SenseiPlay has officially been released to the public domain on GitHub. You can find it here: SenseiPlay GitHub Repository

About SenseiPlay

SenseiPlay is designed to be a fast and lightweight player for your NTP songs. It is written in assembly for ProDOS 8, ensuring low memory requirements and excellent performance. Navigation through your music collection is effortless, and the jukebox-style playback adds a fun twist to your Apple IIgs music sessions.

Get Started with SenseiPlay 2.0

To get started with SenseiPlay 2.0, head over to the GitHub release page to download the latest disk image. Installation and execution instructions are available on the GitHub repository.

Converting Your Own Songs

For those interested in creating their own MODs, you can use OpenMPT and convert them using the conversion program in the NinjaTrackerPlus archive. Detailed instructions are provided in the repository.

A Unique Music Experience

SenseiPlay was initially conceived as an internal tool but has evolved to become a full-fledged music player with a unique style, even in text mode. Its goals include fitting on a floppy disk with multiple songs for a music disk, running smoothly on original 256KB machines, and providing a distinct visual appeal. This is definitely a must try for the Apple IIgs user.

Author: Bill Martens
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) president,, owner and curator of and Retro enthusiast and programmer since 1976, co-creator of the first implementation of instant messaging and group chat (1982).