The Goblin, MSX

The Goblin is the 22nd entry to the MSXdev23 Competition. Similar in many ways to the Arcade classic Bubble Bobble, this game is confined to one screen and you have to immobilize your enemies first, in order to dispatch of them. Naturally, there are game elements such as a time limit, differentiating enemy movement patterns, and elaborate platforming mechanics in place.

In the game you play a tough and grisly goblin who loves beer! That’s right, instead of blowing bubbles, your adversaries are to be captured by means of your powerful belches, which are your bodily reaction to downing big gulps of beer. These burps will cause tornadoes, which render your enemies powerless. Once you have them caught in a tornado, just push them into a teleport gate and it’s back to demon prison for these no-goods! Download the game here:

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