Evil Dungeon for C64 gets a sequel

RetroArts is pleased to announce the release of Evil Dungeon 2 – Alrik’s Revenge for the Commodore 64, a sequel the original dungeon crawler title that was released early this year.

Evil Dungeon 2 sees you continue the story of Alrik, a young adventurer who has just escaped the mysterious corridors of an underground dungeon beneath the city of Radrik. New quests are awaiting him now. Driven by adventure and the need to avenge his parent’s murder, Alrik continues his hunt for the degenerate orcs.

Evil Dungeon 2 is set in a fantasy theme, featuring role-playing and strategic turn based combat elements. The sequel contains a new maze, enemies and items to use and looks to improve upon the original Evil Dungeon by adding quick potions as a tactical option during combat, adjusting the impact of using incendiary vials, and making game play feel more progressive by initially locking off specific areas of the game.

Evil Dungeon 2 is pre-dominantly programmed in Basic V2 and is available in both digital and physical disk formats.


Digital version: Itch.Io

Physical version: RetroArts website

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