Timeslip, Commodore 64

Timeslip is a horizontally scrolling shooter written by Jon Williams for the Commodore 16/Plus/4 computers and published by English Software in 1985. An Atari 8-bit version followed a year later. The game was described by reviewers as “three versions of Scramble rolled into one”.

In Timeslip the player is presented with the screen divided into three sections or time zones. The top section is the planet surface with the player controlling a fighter, the middle section is set in underground caverns, and in the bottom section the player controls a mini-sub. The object of the game is to destroy 36 orbs placed within the three sections and synchronize the clocks in all three zones to 00.00 hours. If a player is hit, they receive a 30 minute penalty. In addition, if a player is hit five times, a “timeslip” occurs, which is a de-synchronisation of all clocks. Sections are played one at a time and the player can switch zones at will, leaving the other two frozen in time.
A new Commodore 64 version was just released by Blazon. You can download it here: Timeslip [BLZ].d64

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