Ample Emulator Interface 0.260 Released

The Apple and Macintosh centric Ample emulator interface has been updated. Kelvin Sherlock, creator and curator of the Ample project announced the availability of Ample 0.260 or Release 51 as it is also known. This release brings the Ample emulator interface in line with the current version of the MAME project.

Included in the update are the following changes:

Some internal changes to how slots are handled. Hopefully nothing breaks!

Includes experimental Uthernet II / WIZnet W5100 emulation. Marinetti, IP65, and A2osX have been tested and should work. (This should make its way into MAME someday.)

Note that this version of Ample included the MAME 0.260 emulator and also requires a minimum of Mac OS 10.13 or later. The interface is also tuned to include Atari ST emulation as well.

You can download the latest version of the Ample emulator from the Ample project Github page at: