Toki Commodore 64 Remastered Version, New Video

Toki is a run and gun platform game released for the Arcade in Japan in 1989 by TAD Corporation. It was published in North America by Fabtek. Designed by Akira Sakuma, the game has tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with the action. The player controls an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game was ported to several video game consoles and home computers, including the Commodore 64.

Which brings us to the new enhanced version of Toki for the Commodore 64 by Davide Bottino. Yes you heard correct, Davide is remastering the C64 version of Toki, making some much needed graphics upgrades. Playability wise Toki on the old Commodore is pretty much perfect, however time has not been kind, the graphics look a little tired after all these years and could do with a spruce up.

Davide recently shared a new wip video on Twitter and Facebook, and the changes so far are looking really nice! Check out the video below.

Twitter: Davide Bottino
Facebook: Toki C64 Remastered

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