Pacman Begins -ZX Spectrum-

 by Allan Turvey


Allan: “Before there was a maze, there was only an alley…
Pacman begins is the prequel you never knew you wanted. Inspired by the
game ‘Paku Paku’ by Abagames, it is Pacman stripped down to the bone –
one line, one pill, one ghost. In creating this I wanted to add as many
features from the original arcade game as possible, whilst maintaining
the flow of ‘Paku Paku'”. 


The additions from the arcade include:

– Graphics much closer to the arcade
– three lives + bonus lives every 10k
– Pacman is slowed down by eating pellets

– Ghosts can pass through the tunnel

– Fruit bonuses appear after a certain number of pellets are eaten

– Ghosts eaten in quick succession increase in value from 200,400,800 and 1600 points.

– Four different ghosts appear as the difficulty increases
– Arcade intro tune and sound effects
Download, here