Composite / S-video to VGA converter

You might have seen the other article: RGB to VGA converter, if you haven’t I can recommend reading this too.

I bought this one to see if it was good for the C64. The price was around $10 on ebay including shipping.
This piece of hardware came complete with 1xVGA cable, 1xComposite cable, 1xSvideo cable and a 5v power supply. Since I bought this off ebay, and there are plenty of sellers selling this model, check the description to see what the accessories are. As a side note, I bought one earlier with the title Composite/S-Video to VGA converter, well that was not what I received. In the description itself it did say it was VGA to Composite. The issue is a whole other story, but just make sure you read the description too.

There are 5 connectors on this device. Power, Composite IN, S-Video IN, VGA IN, VGA OUT. I really can’t say why someone needs to convert from VGA to VGA, but I could guess it’s the features of upscaling. The box is somewhat sturdier than I first expected.

AmigaHooking the device to my A1200’s composite gives an OK picture, but there are some waves which I believe is the 75Hz refreshrate that it uses. Manual says it can run 60Hz but I haven’t managed to switch to this mode yet. I would recommend the GBS-8200 mentioned in the earlier article over this one for the Amiga.

As you can see from the above picture, the signal is absolutely horrible for the C64, I tested this with both S-video and composite and it yields the same result.


This item is not something I can recommend. giving it 2 stars out of 5. The reason why I give it two stars is the overall first impression of the hardware itself. If you use newer equipment, this box might give it’s worth of money. But alas for the C64 and Amiga I would avoid spending money on this.

If you for some reason want to hook your Amiga to a VGA monitor and don’t want to fiddle with getting the GBS-8200 to work. This could be a good choice if you can stand the waves.

For the Amiga there are internal hardware Scandoubler/Flickerfixers you can buy as new today.

Indivision from Individual Computers (AmigaKit / Vesalia stores)

Scanjuggler which is made by a private person (at writing time this has seen the first batchrun)

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