What is PPC+RTG?


Water cooled PPC setup

Can’t help it. Funnybone was aching today. :)


I keep seeing the phrase PPC + RTG but have no idea what it means. Would any kind person let me know please?


I will of course answer this like any professional, in bullet list form! :D

  • It’s for those who hate the Commodore name and all they did but would like to keep the C=/Amiga on their case.
  • It’s an upgrade for to run any software but Amiga software.
  • It’s when you change all the core parts of a platform to turn it into another platform, so you also have to change the core OS that you ran on that platform. (Why not rather a decent PC with a 2011 gfx card and WinUAE and shove it in an Amiga case is beyond me. Anyway.)
  • Some guys wanted to make an 1994 Amiga style OS but couldn’t figure how to make a better one with 1994 hardware so they upgraded to 1998 hardware and now somehow they’re stuck with 1998 hardware.
  • It’s for those who grew ashamed about their Amiga looking like an old computer and got another old looking computer.

What can I say? It’s not for me and I don’t get it, so I invented some reasons. :) So don’t take it as an attack, but I think there’s truth in the venom. And naturally it’s worthy of respect both to want to carry the torch and to program an OS(!), as well as developing hardware. I just don’t agree it’s a way of “getting with it” but more a way of getting away from it, and I don’t see what it has to do with Amiga. At all.

Well, it runs some Amiga software if you ditch PPC native and don’t use RTG – but the thing is, I can already do that. Because I have an Amiga. Well, not ‘an’. I have many :)

So there?

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