Author: Andy Johns

I've been a game player since the ZX81 where I created my own basic games for fun. Through the Spectrum, Sam Coupe, Amiga and the early days of the PC, my passion for games allowed me to eventually join the video games industry working for companies such as Electronic Arts and most recently NaturalMotion Games.

Creating TAP files from AGD using Spectaculator

I thought I would create a quick video on how to generate TAP files from AGD as a few people have asked. Play at full screen so you can see the subtitles.

Ooze, New AGD ZX Spectrum Game by Andy Johns Released!

The day is here…. my new game Ooze will be released later this afternoon. People to thank on this one…. David Saphier, the legend who worked out how to add music to AGD games has been on fine form adding not 1 but 2 tunes to this game as well as a fantastic menu and game over screen (For when…

Ooze, A New AGD Game By Andy Johns

Well its been tough trying to do something of my own for my next game. I wanted to bring something new to the table rather than another Monty game (don’t worry…there will be another Monty Game..maybe two) I’ve still got some work to do on this but I’ve decided its about time to test the waters and see what you guys…

AGD 4.7 Released

This afternoon Jonathan Cauldwell released a new version (4.7)  of Arcade Game Designer for the Spectrum.  This new release fixes several known issues and gives users some new great features which will make for even better games using the system in the future. Link to AGD 4.7 Here’s the low down… 4.7 06.03.2017 – added STOPFALL command added S and…

AGD (Arcade Game Designer) Initial Setup

Hi everyone, with two games under my belt I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned that the new AGD user should be aware of when making games that will save you a lot of pain and time. In this initial post I’ll go into what you need to do to get up and running with AGD…At the…

Partial Walkthrough for Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls

For those of you struggling with the early stages of the game….practice makes perfect :) …but also….heres a little bit of help.

Monty and the Temple of Lost Souls Released!

Well I’m happy to announce that my next game “Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls” is now available to download from the link below. I hope that you enjoy it! For anyone interested in the cassette version, hop on over to George Croppers site, Bum Fun Gaming! Download: Monty and the Temple of Lost Souls

Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls Release Date

As long as no major bugs are found between now and then, I will be releasing Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls this weekend. I’ll post in the various groups but the initial download will be from my dropbox and from there if people want to host it they can. Cant wait to share this game with you…

Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls Sneak Peek

Hey all, so some people may know I’ve been working on a sequel to Monty’s Honey Run, and I’ve been full tilt on it for the last month. Unfortunately I had a problem with corruption in the AGD file and I lost a lot of work, I thought I had lost it all. However the good news, I managed to find…