Author: Boisy Pitre

Boisy is a computer scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, professional software developer, musician, computer historian, and retro-computing hobbyist. He has worked in the software industry since 1992, focusing on embedded, real-time and mobile computing. His retro-computing interests focuses on home computers of the 1980's, notably the Tandy Color Computer (aka CoCo). Along with Bill Loguidice, Boisy co-authored the book ''CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer'' (2013), published by Taylor & Francis.

Stepping on Toes: Addressing Duplication of Hardware in the Vintage Computing Marketplace

Disclaimer: I have a long-standing affiliation with Cloud-9, a prominent hardware vendor in the Color Computer community. My commentary here is based partly, but not solely, on experiences with that affiliation. Introduction Manufacturing hardware goods in the vintage computing marketplace is often, if not always, a labor of love. For those who take on the work of melding new technology…